Behind the Skincare Science

O Cosmedics lays the foundation for timeless beauty – no surgery or needles, simply a daily commitment to feeding your skin with the very best in skincare science. Rather than claim the Holy Grail on barely-there volumes, we’ve formulated O with potent ingredients in biomimetic bases. O represents precision skincare, based on years of international research and clinical data – there’s no room for error.

The Cosmedical Difference

In the past, skincare has been more about relaxation rather than improvement, with the mainstream skincare industry still focusing on hydration and nourishment, not skin function and cellular optimisation.

We use these brands when we don’t know any better, everything from cheap supermarket brands through to high-end luxury skincare brands. They feel beautiful (because they are laden with silicone), smell great (thanks to the added fragrance), and contain only a hint of active ingredients (so they can make big claims of being much more than they could ever truly honour).

They are packaged in gorgeous bottles and are often endorsed by a paid celebrity. They are sold over the counter because they are safe, as there isn’t much in them that can go wrong, but in the same way, not much change that can happen in terms of skin benefits.

Cosmedics and cosmeceuticals are a whole other league of skincare, using the acknowledgement of pharmaceuticals and medical science and their entry into skin treatment. Cosmedics are based on medical research and developed active ingredients in biomimetic bases that can regain and retain normal skin function and cell optimisation, and combat the major causes of ageing.

Unlike over-the-counter skincare, cosmedics require a skin expert to tailor a personal skin health prescription, to ensure each skin gets the products best suited to it and has a chance to acclimatise to the actives and avoid sensitisation.

Superior Formulations with Active Ingredients

Our world exclusive V8 Peptide Complex™ works behind the scenes on the essential cell structure to age-proof your skin and accelerate healing and rejuvenation. Only superior formulations and chirally correct active ingredients will do when it comes to taking action for healthy skin, all set in a Biomimetic base to mimic the cellular function and pathway in the skin. This ensures your active ingredients are transported through the acid mantle into deeper layers of the skin. O gives you the freedom to party with other obsessions, while we look after the business of beautiful skin.

Skincare Integrity at Its Best

O knows you have an environmental conscience, so we’ve blended organic ingredients with essential oils and kept the animals out of the lab. And in a world-first for high-performance skincare, O is Australian made. Which means it is designed with you in mind, and you can now forget about fretting over your skin. O knows just where to look and how to transform your skin, at the deepest level.

When you give your skin daily attention with O, you’ll benefit from the purest combination of medical grade ingredients and cosmetic skincare science, blended harmoniously with nature. It’s skincare integrity at its best, delivering a staggering list of benefits and making you wonder where we’ve been all your life.

Looking for personalised advice?

If you’d like to receive tailored skincare advice from professionals, we recommend visiting your nearest O Cosmedics stockist and talking with them. All stockists are highly trained with the O Cosmedics product range and will work with you to create a specialised skin regime to suit.

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