Acne Prone Skin

Dealing with acne and breakouts can be frustrating, especially if you’re well out of your “teen” years, and it was all meant to end there! It can have a real effect on self-esteem, especially when you see friends with smooth blemish-free skin, even though they forget to wash makeup off at night and eat whatever they like.

If you’re finding that even with a healthy diet and a dedicated skincare routine you still get pimples, breakouts, cystic acne, blackheads or congestion, it could be that you have acne prone skin.

Why do I have acne prone or problem skin?

You’re never too young or too old for acne, and for many, it’s due to hormones, genetics, or even diet and lifestyle triggers (for example skin reactions to dairy products, or sweating in hot and humid climates). The culprit is often too much sebum (oil) in the skin, which can be overproduced under the influence of fluctuating hormones.

Some skins are more prone to inflamed sebaceous glands, and when sebum is mixed with dead cells, different levels of clogging occur. This is when you’ll start to get breakouts of whiteheads, blackheads, congestion, and acne. Left untreated, these conditions attract bacteria and can result in inflammation known as cystic acne.

How can I get rid of my acne? 

The key to clear skin is the prevention of clogging and rebalancing sebum levels. You’ll want to avoid using rich oils and heavy creams, which can make the problem worse, however at the same time some anti-blemish products can be too harsh and drying – especially if you also have ageing skin.

Your best bet is to find a quality skin care routine with all the correct ingredients to control breakouts and target bacteria and excess sebum, without the heavy oils. In addition to using the right products, you’ll also want to make sure you’re drinking lots of water and maintaining a healthy diet. Also, avoid touching your face (and spreading nasty bacteria!), not layering on too much makeup and sticking to your skincare routine day and night. 

Which skincare products should I use on sensitive skin? 

Sensitive skin needs gentle products without harsh chemicals, parabens or fragrance that could cause further sensitivity and irritation. When trying new products, even if they are mild and natural, it is still best to introduce one product at a time, and gradually add new products into your routine to ensure you don’t have any adverse reactions.

Our top products for Acne Prone Skin…

Gentle Antioxidant Cleanser is ideal for all sensitive and reactive skins and is fortified with anti-pollutant boosters that trap and remove dirt and excess sebum. 


Potent Clearing Serum contains four potent actives to control breakouts and diminish scarring. Salicylic Acid and L-Lactic Acid exfoliate and encourage cell turnover, and powerful botanicals reduce inflammation. 


Rebalancing Cream is a light-weight, oil-free lotion designed for problematic skin, targeting bacteria, excess sebum production, and V8 Peptide Complex to ensure skin is left rebalanced and refreshed.  


Potent Retinol Serum is an extraordinary Vitamin A complex (0.5% Retinol) which stimulates the production of new skin cells to treat acne, reduce scarring, firm the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. 


Mineral Pro SPF 30+ is ideal for acne prone skin, with a lightweight formula of zinc oxide (mineral sunscreen) which doubles as an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory treatment. 


Looking for personalised advice?

If you’d like to receive tailored skincare advice from professionals, we recommend visiting your nearest O Cosmedics stockist and talking with them. All stockists are highly trained with the O Cosmedics product range and will work with you to create a specialised skin regime to suit.

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